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Having A Will Is Imperative

A last will and testament specify how your property will be distributed when you die, as well as how your dependents will be provided for. It is wise to create a will for your peace of mind and your loved…

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The Importance of Estate Planning for Entrepreneurs

There are certain characteristics that define entrepreneurs: motivation, creativity, persuasiveness, risk tolerance, versatility, vision, innovation, communication and collaboration, flexibility, and decisiveness. The entrepreneurs who create these businesses bear most of the risks and reap most of the rewards if they…

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Incorporating Cryptocurrency into Your Estate Plan

As digital assets become more prevalent, traditional estate planning elements become obsolete. Cryptoassets, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and non-currency blockchain tokens, may comprise a significant individual wealth. In estate planning, addressing complex challenges such as securing, transferring, protecting, and ultimately…

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Irrevocably Disinheriting a Child

When it comes to inheriting property or money, most parents treat their children equally. However, sometimes parents choose not to leave anything to their children, and the reasons for doing so may vary. Parents might not feel the need to…

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