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Building Your Estate Plan to Eliminate Conflict

Children, including minors and adults, may disagree about family circumstances, especially when it comes to inheriting your estate. Relationships can change and intensify when you die, with underlying issues that bubble to the surface, creating tensions over your estate and possibly…

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Risks Involved with DIY Wills

You can name a personal representative (executor) in your will to carry out your wishes after you pass away. When your will is properly filled out, it will address who will inherit your assets and properties.  In addition to asset…

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Estate Planning and Elder Law

Although elder law and estate planning are often used interchangeably, there are significant differences between them. To prepare for successful aging and preserve a family legacy, it is important to learn and apply strategies from both types of law practice.…

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A Guide to the Probate Process

The loss of a close relative is one of life's most emotionally stressful events, in addition to dealing with the deceased's estate. This part can be especially overwhelming. The process of proving to a probate court that the deceased’s last…

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Inheritance Settlement

Whether you are identifying an executor (say, on your behalf) or you are the chosen executor, there are certain criteria to consider - the complexity of the task and how you will go about it. The following responsibilities follow the…

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